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The Lower Ninth Ward Living Museum was created to celebrate the rich history of this unique neighborhood. Only one in five residents have been able to return to their homes, so many stories will be lost if we as a community fail to actively remember. The Living Museum features oral histories from community members, exhibits of key events from the history of the Lower Ninth Ward, and cultural events that entertain and educate.

The Living Museum was co-founded by Dr. Caroline Heldman and Ian Breckenridge-Jackson in 2011 in response to the painfully slow rebuilding of the Lower Ninth Ward. They have engaged in rebuilding efforts since Katrina, and are now turning their efforts to remembering and celebrating the vibrant history and culture of this neighborhood.

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LM volunteers The Living Museum has been made possible by the following volunteers:

Redd Barua-Norton
Rachel Buckner
Imogen Buttery
Genesis Coronado
Zaid Crawford
Mara Dauber
Stefanie Davis
Madison Domingo
Kaycee Filson
Priya Ghose
Aliza Goldsmith
Sam Gordon
Jordan Greenslade
Rachel Greenstein
Andrea Kippur
Malachi Krishok
Alex LaRosa
Robyn Leroy-Evans
Estrella Lucero
Gabriela Marquez
Claire Marsden
Kurston Melton
Alexander Valentine Parker-Guererro
Douglas Pentland
Haley Potiker
Shylana Roman
Larissa Saco
Sara Samaha
Nicola Schulze
Sarah Shirley
Aaron Silvers
Kelsey Work
Madi Ziomek

LM Acknowledgements
The Living Museum would like to thank Michael Piazza (www.michaeldraws.blogspot.com/) for designing our logo.